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wee mad shite

wee poems

tweet tweet halfway fleet
hi ho hi ho  its of to westburn we go with a bucket and spade and a handgranade hi ho hi hi ho, easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy




Here we here we here we fucking go ,halfway fleeto run the fucking show.
123 get mad wit extacy,
I love the pope the pope smokes dope wen he comes to halfway he haves a line of coke,and the coke is so fine he drinks his buckfast wine so he can shag the nuns all of the time

kick to kill stab for fun halfway fleeto number 1


i love the pope the pope smokes dope
If theres a bulit in ma gun the wesburn butchers will run.
were we hang about in the muck the halfway fleeto fight like fuck.
deep deep down in the halfway were the westburn never be there lies a body of westburn boy that was did by the halfway team,to the body jump in the head ha ha the westburn lads are deed.